1 Importing on Behalf of Third Parties

Enterprises who owns active radar with the Federal Revenue can use this indirect Importing modality to benefit itself with the advantages from the special ICMS regime.

2 Importation on Demand

This is another indirect importing modality wich the ordering party (who owns active radar with the Federal Revenue) orders and buys the imported merchandise after nationalized, without needing to advance financial resources to the importer.

3 Foreign providers development and research

Through its Office in Shenzhen (China) and the internal research and development sector in Brazil, Jayfex develops exterior providers and collaborations focusing in the chinese manufacturing base.

4 China Quality

The China Quality program offers the possibility of analysing the product's quality from the chinese merchandise during pre-boarding. This is a tool which provides more security to the buyer, allowing to decrease the risks of receiving a different merchandise from the one negotiated. Depending on the product, it also has the possibility of monitoring the merchandise's quality in the manufacturing line.

5 Pontual importing negotiation

With capacited and experient staff, Jayfex has knowledge and linguistic habilities to negotiate purchases with foreign enterprises. This situation is convenient for those who do not own a foreign commerce sector or specific qualified staff. Among the languages we master, there is Mandarin, Spanish, French and English.

6 Back to Back

Back to Back is an Importing operation combined with an exporting action, where the imported product does not enter in the ordering party's country. The product is sold from an "A" country to Brazil an then immediately resold for another country "C", without the nationalization in brazilian territory. This is an interesting alternative for companies who have Brazil as a exporting base and produce their products in other countries.

7 Special ICMS Regime

Through its special ICMS regime, granted from Santa Catarina's State Financial Department Secretary, Jayfex provides to its costumers a reduction on the import's financial matters. With this benefit, every enterprise that attend its importing with Jayfex, to every product (resale material, raw material, machinery, inputs, etc.), will be able to obtain considerable savings on its importing, besides having a relief in the cash flow in the product nacionalization.